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New Horizons Stone & Tile Inc.

To view photos of slabs and tiles click on the following link: 
Stone Slabs Photos

New Horizons Stone & Tile Inc. is a five star rated installation and restoration company that prides itself on its installation quality, unsurpassed craftsmanship, work ethic, business practices, and personable customer service.

We specialize in high quality work, both commercial and residential; and our commitment is to our clients to whom we aim to provide excellence in their installation and in our overall service.

New Horizon Stone & Tile Inc. will tailor to every individual project and with the combination of experience and installation professionals, our clients will be able to dream up a vision with custom designs, patterns, insignias, and anything else involved with stone, tile or experimental materials, and rest assure that it will come to life with the New Horizon Stone & Tile Inc. guarantee of the highest quality installation.

We understand your requirements to ensure a return on your investment through expedited work schedules and we partner with you to get each job done while maintaining the highest quality workmanship. We adapt our schedule to meet your project completion dates.