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Exotic Slabs and Tile (Material Supplier)

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Each stone you select has a history of time and a beauty that cannot be outdone by any other material and because there are numerous stones to choose from there will always be the one that’s a perfect fit for your project. Therefore it makes sense to put the time and effort into the stone selection and procurement process that it deserves.

And here to assist you to buy the best quality stone and to make the selection process stress-free and pleasurable is Exotic Slabs and Tile  a New Horizons Stone and Tile Group Inc. Affiliate with many years of experience dealing and building strong relationships with leading manufacturers and suppliers, they are able to offer a vast selection of exclusive and high end products of natural stones, as well as offer the best transportation service that will ensure that your stone selection arrives to your site safe and sound and on time.

Exotic Slabs and Tile is your one stop professional procurement-agent, specializing in supplying clients with first class, exotic and unique stones and innovative building materials, they offer a wide range of slabs and tiles in diverse colors, sizes, finishes, unique patterns and textures. The company is completely customer-focused and  aims to source products exclusively to your specifications, therefore be confident that they will provide the highest quality stone available and that they will deliver that uniqueness that solely the use of Exotic Slabs and Tiles offers to your project.

Exotic Slabs and Tile offers you a wealth of stones rich in color, character, textures and designs.
Our selection includes high-quality stone slabs:

Marble     Granite       Limestone       Onyx       Travertine      Quartzite

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Exotic Slabs and Tile    /     Stone Slabs Photos